Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday: Greetings Cards

Question: do you like sending and indeed receiving greetings cards?  Are you, like me, a bit annoyed by simply the thought of them, or are they something which really brightens up your existence?  I'm a strange woman at times - slightly disconnected and not particularly sentimental, which is a bit of an anomaly around these parts as the most crowded shops tend to be card emporia and the sheer amount of flowers and teddies left on graves tends to bear that out.  Now, I have quite a few dead relatives (who have stopped turning up at Christmas now I've put a block on the undead eating my running buffet), but I cannot say, hand on heart, that I've ever left anything for them at the crematorium which was their final resting place as I don't believe that the spirit stays there, I think it floats around randomly, choosing to turn up at odd times when you'd least expect it.

My favourite example of a birthday card is pictured below - this was sent by The Duke's octogenarian aunt to the Earl, on his fifth birthday and I'll think you'll agree, it's really creepy:

 It looks to me, like something extracted from one of the Chucky films or something available in the 'Local Shop', courtesy of The League of Gentlemen.  That said, it's been adhered to one of my kitchen cabinets for a good few months now as it never fails to cheer me up.  Hurrah!

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