Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday (early...): Insomnia

Sometimes I suffer from terrible insomnia - it's really irritating and there's not a great deal you can do at night which doesn't include surfing the internet, reading articles or sorting socks.  Perhaps it's a change of season thing?  Mind you, the way the weather's going you'd think we lived in Siberia, wouldn't you?  All I can hear as I type in the dining room is the constant banging of my gerbil, Monica as she scurries around her gerbilarium.  Poor mite - she's the last survivor of three whom I named Monica, Phoebe and Rachel for reasons only known to viewers of a well known sitcom which lasted for 256 episodes.

The middle of the night's a lonely place.  I seem to recall living in a demi monde when I was looking after my newborn son a few years ago.  I used to record films and watch them in the middle of the night via wireless headphones (another bloody thing which has disappeared into the hell of my clutter...) I believe I watched an array such wonderful movies: 10, Swimming Pool, Erin Brockovich and others I cannot possibly recall. 

David Baddiel wrote his debut novel Time for Bed about his insomnia and my friend bought it for me years ago but, akin to many books one owns, I didn't read it until relatively recently.  It's well worth picking it up though as the thinly-disguised main character (aka David Ivor Baddiel) is a layabout who lives in north London who's in love with his beautiful sister-in-law.  As you can imagine, he writes well and I seem to recall quite a rude scene of a 'back door' nature, but as this blog hasn't got an age setting on it, I won't elaborate.

We watched Will Self being interviewed on a SkyArts1 programme entitled In Confidence, where the host asks the guest a series of psychoanalytical questions.  I would say that it was interesting, albeit confusing.  Hasn't Self got a huge vocabulary?  I adore the concept of being an  homourbanis or maybe a flaneur.  Actually, the last one is me to a tee; personally I just think that I'm a bit of a timewasting arsebiscuit at times, but that's just my own spin on things. 

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