Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Son, The Earl, is as weird as me...discuss.

Yeah, it's true - clearly my young son, The Earl as he's known online, has inherited my personality.  "Oh that's amazing!" you may say, but I don't think so - he's bizarre and I'm not quite sure where it will land him in life as mine's been odd enough to date.  A portfolio of his eccentric behaviour is growing daily, but his liking of tacky ornaments, akin to my parents' love of kitsch gardenware is rather scary.  The Duke took him to B&Q the other week and he was desperate to purchase a resin Meercat figure which was dressed in pirate garb:

Yep, I agree that it should be rotated but I cannot work out how to do it at the moment.

He was rather sweet this morning and insisted on purchasing some flowers (which cost £2) from Asda this morning for me.  By this I'm talking about my son, not the meercat who I'd doubt had the spending power to make something happen like that.  I mentioned my parents' strangeness earlier, well what can I say?  Who can honestly hold their hand up and say 'My parents have built a Gothic wall in the middle of their suburban garden, complete with skulls and attached charnel house?' - er, I'd guesstimate precisely none.  They've also constructed a model village in there too.....

Finally, yes I do have an electric organ in my dining room and no, I cannot play it.  Bummer.

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