Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday: bed and bread

I'm sure I've not written about my new bed yet, but as you can imagine, it's high time I did.  Righty ho.  We bought it from a local bed shop because we wanted to support local tradesmen and I'm glad we did, although the sales pitch did make me laugh with the proprietor saying that 'he'd had many a good night's sleep on the Kensington [mattress] because the wife had kicked him into the spare room.'  Really?  Anyway, it took over a month to arrive, partly because they'd filed the paperwork under 'M' for Mrs X.  Hmmm.

Fast forward until now if you may and we've gone quite wild and purchased new bedding, duvets and even a replacement memory foam pillow for my good self and this is what it looks like:

Don't worry - we don't just share one pillow - my husband's one of these people who love flat pillows (why?) and hence why there's three sitting on the bed.  The bedding's from John Lewis and the pattern is called 'Blossom'.  We are huge fans of JL textiles because they wash well, don't bobble (don't you just hate it when you have to shave your duvet cover?)

Finally: bread.  I have recently got very excited about Asda's 'Tiger Bread' which is both moreish and delicious and I haven't a clue what they put in it, but I adore it anyway.  I am aware that Sainsbury's changed the name to 'Giraffe Bread' after a small girl suggested it whilst in store.  However, the quality isn't there in the latter supermarket and Asda wins hands down.  I just wish the same could be said of their ready meals, not that I'm admitting to eating such things, of course.  However, this is being typed by somebody who has just wolfed down a whole 100g bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs.  Eek!

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