Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday: why I like odd things - cat decorations and karaoke

So, why do you like odd things?  Is it just a kink for you or is there a reasoning behind it?  It's funny you should ask, but I just do.  I find humour in the strangest places and someone once said 'you do take pleasure in the mundane, don't you?'  Well, yes I do.

Take this for example, a box which is located in my local supermarket with the express purpose of persuading customers to purchase extra tins of cat and dog food for donation to the local Animal Rescue Centre:

Now don't get me wrong, I love cats, in fact we have one of our own, Tilly, a 13-year-old female tortie who's obsessed by my husband and doesn't appreciate me very much, but she does let you stroke her unlike my parents' cats Fluffy and Pamela.  We rescued her from the local Cats' Protection League.  Actually, I'll re-phrase that, she was a rescue cat and indeed didn't need an escape route from the comfort of the CPL's heated pens, but there you go.

I love tacky cat-related objects; luckily I don't own a great deal of it, which is great because I hate dusting and Duchess Towers is decorated by enough bad taste anyway.  My favourite was an ornament you could buy from one of those catalogues which regularly fall out of The Radio Times: it was a pair of beautifully crafted poly resin cats which played 'You Are My Sunshine' when pressed.  It was truly lovely and there's not a day which goes past when I don't miss it.  

Finally, there's a pub I'm always walking past which I last ventured into during the 1990s where myself and a friend encountered a gentleman who professed to be a direct descendant of Clive of India.  Anyway, they have regular karaoke nights and when my son wanders past he always says 'there's that place where you can drink and sing'.  Cute really.

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