Friday, 9 August 2013

My New Campervan Doormat

Hail the iconic camper van....well in doormat form anyway!  Yes, as proudly pictured below, I own one which I purchased from a small shop in Whistable last week and I just couldn't resist its sleek countours and bristly finish:

I think my favourite thing is that it looks like it's jumping out of the hall floor in a kind of 3D way, especially if one is descending the stairs (usually I have my butler carry me down, but he's away in Scunthorpe at the moment).  If asked whether I've ever owned a real-life camper van the answer's no.  As for me, well regular readers will know that I haven't driven a car in years, let alone something much bulkier, but I have always admired them.  I do like the idea of travelling across the US in a Winnebago, but I suppose that will have to be put on hold for quite a few years as The Earl suffers terribly from motion sickness and the act of him throwing up every say, ten miles, would be rather wearing after a while.

I suppose I could hire a driver and run off now, but they'd find me - they always do.

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