Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday, Tenpin Bowling and An Audience With Kenneth Williams

It's officially the last Bank Holiday of the year and I'm sitting here typing away whilst listening to Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing for some bizarre reason, maybe it's because it was used as a warm-up exercise at choir a few weeks ago?*  It's very ballady that's for sure and if the neighbours continue to vex me then it's definitely something I could belt out at an intolerable volume near the party wall. 

Anyway, as ever, I digress and maybe it's the scent of next door's creosote making my head go a bit odd, but there you go.  The Earl's obsessed with watching tenpin bowling videos on YouTube and literally cannot wait to visit the bowling alley with his father this week (I tend to avoid such trips as I'm not a huge fan of the sport, detest wearing other people's shoes and worst of all, displaying my shoe size on the back of my heel...)  Pure comedy gold is undoubtedly Mark from Peep Show's prowess of bowling the contents of his weekly shopping along the megabowl lanes in series one.  Comedy geek: yes, of course.

Earlier on I was watching An Audience with Kenneth Williams the pad and it was a huge treat.  I am getting rather obsessed with the concept of raconteurs and how great they are and wish that there were more in showbiz these days.  What I really adore is trying to work out from the audience is who's dead and who isn't and spotting really obscure faces such as Shaw Taylor of Police 5 and Gordon Jackson, although being a huge fan of Upstairs, Downstairs** he remains a deity in my eyes.

* Regular readers will be more than aware that I quit choir at the end of July, return date currently unknown.
**That's the original London Weekend Television show from the 1970s, not the cruddy BBC re-imagining.

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