Sunday, 25 January 2015

Why Is My Life So Bizarre?

Well readers, that's because I am in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, or Asperger's, Aspies for short.  What on earth is that you may say and then you might add - but you're female, surely that's only a geeky bloke thing?  Wrong.  I have been having temper tantrums since I was about six-months-old according to Mother - really bad ones - imagine a small blonde girl bawling her eyes out with snog coming out of her mouth and you're halfway there.  All of my life I've been called 'unreasonable' 'over-reactive' 'arrogant' 'odd' and just downright crazy, but I'm not, this is me and I'm an Aspie.

Yesterday was pretty awful - I won't give too much detail lest I be discovered, but basically I arranged a get-together for a Facebook Interest Group and it all went quite wrong.  I just really hate big groups and meet ups, especially when they include copious amounts of alcohol.  Last Monday I reacted to a dodgy tweet which escalated up and I was slagged off for it, in public yesterday.  I left really early and never went back.  I've now left the group, blocked and de-friended all of the group so that I can make a fresh start - I've even deleted all of my Facebook comments dating back to October 2014.

Here's to making 2015 work for me; sod people who cannot accept the serious limitation my condition imposes upon me.

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