Friday, 4 October 2013

There's a guy who works down my local BHS I swear is the actor Phil Davis

What a silly title for a post, yes I agree but quite frankly I haven't a clue who, if anyone, is reading this blog anyway.  Sometimes I think I'd love to know, but as it's piggybacked onto a porn site, it could be anyone on the internet who's in possession of wi-fi, fingers and a soggy raincoat.

Right, back to today's topic, which is the purchase of odd things from town centres.  I don't work on Mondays and Fridays and as a result I tend to take a wander around the shops after dropping my son off at school.  I bought the following things today:

So, why the hairbrushes?  Well, they were on special offer in Boots - buy one, get one half price, which presupposes that you'd have lot of hair to groom or indeed had a friend or relative who'd also appreciate such a gift.  Actually, I think if somebody gifted me a hairbrush, deodorant or shower gel I'd be annoyed - basically because they're inferring that you smell or your barnet's a complete state.  Talking of hair and I'm sure it's top of your conversation topics this rainy Friday, I'm trying to grow out my short cut back into a bob style and thus, it's a bit of a mess.  My hair is a bit of a nightmare anyway because it never looks tidy because of its flyaway nature.  I suppose if you work out the cost of two new hairbrushes (£13.45) as opposed to regular 8-week cycle cuts to maintain a short style (£40+) it's cheaper in the long run.

Finally (zzzzz) - cushions.  My house is now filling up with so many cushions (plus shoes) that I'll barely be able to circumnavigate the laminate flooring in the near future.  I am building my winter nest on my sofa though and quite frankly, often I feel like morphing into a state of hibernation because I've just about had enough of stuff at the moment.  Wake me up in May 2014 if you could please?

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